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Our goal is to become a partner of our customers by helping them to optimize the production, provide new BM machine with the latest technology and overhauling the old ones. We are sure……..Together we can!


New blow moulding machine (extrusion blow moulding machine for PP, PE, PC containers and injection stretching and blowing machine for PET containers) fully customizable, from 2 lit. up to 30 litres


We can provide qualified technical service on-line-/on-site, engineering of fully line from granule to pallet turn key, spare parts 100% compatible and upgrades.


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11 October 2017
The  fourth industrial revolution makes production faster, more efficient and more flexible through smart, connected systems along the entire value chain....
        CSC03 for Automa blow moulding machines axis control
2nd hand Panel PC MOOG BUHL for Automa blow moulding machine  
2nd hand Moog-Buhl Master I-O T192-01-00  
MOOG-BUHL Rack extension composed by : n°1 card DI16DO8HPC n°2 cards T108C n°1 rack power supply PBIF02C